8 Week online Carb Cycling program

To trim your waistline and lose stubborn fat you must: 

  • Do progressive carb cycling schedule with the right workouts 
  • Eat the right amount of fats/proteins/and carbs
  • Pair your workouts with nutrition to support them for fat burning and building lean muscle
  • Change the way we look at food and say goodbye to emotional eating
  • Be educated on the why, not just the how

Next Round Starts March 9th

TRIM Boot Camp 3/9
SmoBABY (Postpartum version)
March 9th

Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds will be issued after purchased.

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You will get immediate access to the comprehensive guide, onboarding workouts, dining out guide

Results you will LOVE

  • Lose weight
  • Lose inches
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Better digestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Gain lean, tone muscle 
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Reduce cellulite 
  • Improved hormone levels 
  • Increased metabolism
  • A healthy lifestyle you can keep up with
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Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds will be issued after purchased.

What the program includes

TRIM Boot Camp is an 6 week online program with a free week of onboarding included and implementation week at the end!

  • The full TRIM program is 8 WEEKS LONG! Here is how it is broken down......
  • One week of onboarding to get accustomed to the TRIM method and practice workouts
  • 6 weeks of workouts and nutrition guidelines 
  • 1 implementation week to practice what you have learned while staying accountable.
  • Workouts can be done at the gym or home and are quick and effective 30-40 minutes
  • Specific macros to achieve ideal body composition 
  • A Healthy Passion Software created to fit the TRIM method
  • 800 macro friendly recipes that integrate with MyFitnessPal for easy tracking
  • A detailed Comprehensive Program Guide with resources to help you become educated
  • Dining out Guide
  • Chef, Kate Horning
  • Fat burning nutrition solutions
  •  Detailed Approved food list 
  • Daily motivation, accountability and support. I will be reviewing your nutrition DAILY! This will be through a private Facebook group. 

What you will LEARN

  • How to be a Carb Cycling QUEEN!
  • How to make workouts short and effective.
  • Everything you need to know about Macros (Fats/Proteins/Carbs) 
  • How to meal plan with the TRIM Macro Cookbook software.
  • You will lean how to meal prep and cook quick and effective meals!
  • How intermittent fasting, overcoming emotional eating, carb cycling, and tracking your macros, will increase your metabolism. 
  •  Macro Tracking
  • Proper form for working out and my tips to get more out of each exercise.
  • How to properly shop for groceries and read nutrition labels. 
  • How to fuel your body the right way, increasing energy levels. 
  • What healthy carbs and fats are. 

All of this with affordable pricing, that is among the lowest cost option you’ll find! Only $199 for the full program! No add on cost!

That's ONLY $24 a week!!

Due to the digital nature of the product, no refunds will be issued after purchased.

Meet your coaches

Hey There!

I am your personal trainer and creator of TRIM Boot Camp. I have a degree in Kinesiology, and a national persona training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. I've been a personal trainer for 8 years, but knew I wanted to help women live healthier lifestyles when I grew up since the 4th grade. Doing what I do now has literally always been my dream job.

I created TRIM Boot Camp because I FINALLY found something that worked for me. I used to struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, and was a cardio bunny. I never understood why I wasn't getting results, and I couldn't stick to anything longer than 3-4 days.....until I found the TRIM Method.

For 3 years I documented everything I did. What worked, what didn't work, what I loved, and what I hated.....and that's how TRIM Boot Camp came to life. I pulled everything that worked and made a program.

In the last year I have had over 700 ladies go through TRIM, and over 60% of those ladies have completed 2-3 rounds to get optimal results. My mission with TRIM is not to just get you looking absolutely AMAZING...because that will happen no problem, but it is to change the way you look at food and exercise. You will be the one that is in control after you go through TRIM. Cocktail parties, Holidays, and date nights will no longer be a "cheat day." It will just be another day you are burning fat because of the TRIM method.

How awesome does that sound? Live life each day not worrying about losing weight EVER! Don't you want your ideal body all year round, not just for an event coming up?

I am also currently expecting my first little bundle of joy this coming February, and still doing the program. So even if you are an expecting momma, like me, you can participate in TRIM. I have a guide just for you to go over modifications to make it safe!

I hope to see you in our next round! xo-Val

Hey Ladies!  

I'm Kate Horning, your healthy living chef and author of “Healthy Living Redefined: Live It. Share It.” I am an ambassador on the leading edge of a new generation that challenges established ideas while looking for better ways to achieve a healthier, happier life. I am also the creator of Sarah, your software you will use in TRIM to create your custom macro meal plans.  

As a chef, my goal is to show that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t limited to just eating chicken, broccoli and brown rice. That is what brought me to TRIM Boot Camp. I saw how powerful this program was and how much it was changing ladies lives, so I had to be a part of it.  

A busy entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges women face in trying to forge healthy habits. Between business ventures, regular media appearances and running TRIM, I am able to speak from experience on balancing a long-term, sustainable healthy lifestyle with a busy life.  

Working with brands such as Whole Foods Market and lululemon as well as other leaders in the fitness and wellness community led me to develop A Healthy Passion, a meal planning software platform. AHP's mission is to inspire the creation of healthy habits through innovative recipe options and meal plans highlighting local, sustainable and nutritious meals for individuals and families looking to develop a healthier lifestyle for themselves.  

I studied dietetics at the University of Kentucky and am a certified holistic health coach and chef.  

I can't wait for you to join us in our next round of TRIM and discover how easy and fun healthy living truly is!  



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