NEXT ROUNDS START July 1st and Aug 5th!

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Ready For Another Round?  

I knew you'd feel it too! From the moment that you signed up, I had been waiting for you to feel what I had felt. That feeling of beginning to confidently love yourself from the inside out. There's no denying that by now, you've learned to master TRIM. And the best part? The results are beginning to speak for themselves! You have seen transformation from the inside out in just a few short weeks. 

Let's kick it up a notch, and really test what 14 weeks in this program can do for you!

Because I am so pumped you are signing up for a second round, I want to offer you an incredible discount. You can participate in this next round for only $130.00 vs the original $199.00!

All I ask, as someone who knows how the program works, is that you help welcome and motivate all of the new ladies coming in! I have no doubt that as a team, we can all work together to support each other in working towards our fitness goals.

Also, don't forget about the affiiate program! If someone signs up because of your referall, I want to share in the excitement by offering you $100.00 per new client! Be sure to join my referral program Facebook Page to get more details and learn how you can win a bonus!

Your second round includes NEW workouts!!

Grab Your Spot For $130.00!

July 1st

I Strongly Recommend You Keep Sarah!

Before you strat your next round, if you want to continue to use Sarah, you get a dicount because you are a TRIM client! You get it 50% for the month to month option (only $7 a month) OR you can get the year long subscrition for even less! Be sure to use only the button below to get the discounts! when you click on the below you will choose if you want the year long subcription or month to month. 

I want to keep Sarah for my next round!